Below is the FreeRPG Project Roadmap, this will be updated periodically, for other FreeRPG Project planning related information please check out the FreeRPG Project Trello Board.

Short-term – 0.1 Release

My immediate efforts will be focused on finalising a basic world for the RPG to take place in and porting some essential T3D related information and wiki pages to the git repos and website :

  • Populate levels with basic buildings/plants
  • Merge changes from Torque3D into FreeRPG
  • Connect all levels so you can travel through the world
  • Remove unwanted levels from level selection for release
  • Provide a basic set of documentation
  • Fix all 0.1 tagged issues from git repos
  • Licensing for included assets
Mid-term – 0.2 Release to 1.0 Release

Mid-term goals include but are not limited to :

  • Populate all levels with minimal amount of NPC characters
  • Combat System
  • Provide Linux Binaries in FreeRPG Release Repo alongside Windows binaries
  • Experience and Leveling system
  • Skill Tree and Crafting System
  • Provide alternative in-game Tutorial for users wanting to mod or create their own RPG
  • GUI
  • Provide full set of documentation for both the engine and game
  • 64-bit support
  • Once Linux support is stable enough for daily development switch from tracking upstream/development branch to a specific upstream release
  • Verify all licensing of assets
Long-term – 1.1 Release onwards

Some long-term goals would include :

  • Multi platform hosting – i.e. Gitlab/Website/Steam/Desura/GOG
  • Provide Mac Binaries in FreeRPG Release Repo alongside Linux and Windows binaries
  • FreeRPG Project forums