Latest Update – Logo, Wiki + Preview Files.

While waiting for the 3.8 update i have been playing about with a few of the social/documentation aspects of the FreeRPG Project. This includes a simple logo i created until a better one can be either sourced or created, you can find it below :


What do you think ? Any ideas or even offers to provide one will be appreciated !

The wiki has also moved to wikidot, i chose to do this for simpler porting of pages as this is where the Torque3D wiki is hosted, you can find it at the link in the menu above or in either of the Gitlab repositories using the “Wiki” link in the sidebar. A lot of the pages still need creating but i should hopefully be getting some help with that soon thanks to @VixeeB, here is the link for the new wiki :

And now some preview files i took to update the level previews with when selecting which world to spawn in :

catellus01 catellus02 catellus03 greim01 greim02 koiron01 koiron02 pacific01 pacific02 pacific03 ranlo01 ranlo02 ranlo03 ty01 ty02

Thanks for looking !

FreeRPG Project 0.1 Release Candidate Ready

The title pretty much sums it up, i recently finished all the issues tagged with “Version 0.1” in the Gitlab repos for both FreeRPG-Torque3D and FreeRPG so have decided to create¬†a “Release Candidate” or “RC” for Version 0.1 until Torque3D release version 3.8 of the engine upstream. This way the “Final Release” for 0.1 will track a stable point in time rather than being part way through development of 3.7/3.8 and it will also give me some time to find any possible issues with the RC before a final release.

There isn’t much to look at and there is nothing to do in game yet other than explore but for the 0.1 release i only wanted a few connected levels with some basic props/buildings, the combat system/gui changes/level development/etc will be added during the later releases. That being said if you want to take a look at how things are going then please check out one of these links:

FreeRPG-Torque3D 0.1 RC

FreeRPG 0.1 RC

The bottom link will be the quickest route as it is the “Release Repo” rather than the “Engine/GameDev Repo” and doesn’t need compiling but if you wish to compile your own please use the first link. If you have any feedback i would love to hear it, thanks for looking !

What Is The FreeRPG Project ?

The FreeRPG Project is my idea to create a completely free and open-source RPG game, from game engine to all the assets inluded with the game. It will be made with the open-source and free Torque3D game engine and will include many free and open-source assets from places such as OpenGameArt, 3TDStudios and TorqueTerrains amongst many others.
I am in the process of acquiring a repo to host the project, i am just encountering a few issues with git right now and trying to work through them. If you would like to offer any help or support to the FreeRPG Project (literally any !) then please get in touch. Watch this space !