FreeRPG Project 0.1 Release Candidate Ready

The title pretty much sums it up, i recently finished all the issues tagged with “Version 0.1” in the Gitlab repos for both FreeRPG-Torque3D and FreeRPG so have decided to create a “Release Candidate” or “RC” for Version 0.1 until Torque3D release version 3.8 of the engine upstream. This way the “Final Release” for 0.1 will track a stable point in time rather than being part way through development of 3.7/3.8 and it will also give me some time to find any possible issues with the RC before a final release.

There isn’t much to look at and there is nothing to do in game yet other than explore but for the 0.1 release i only wanted a few connected levels with some basic props/buildings, the combat system/gui changes/level development/etc will be added during the later releases. That being said if you want to take a look at how things are going then please check out one of these links:

FreeRPG-Torque3D 0.1 RC

FreeRPG 0.1 RC

The bottom link will be the quickest route as it is the “Release Repo” rather than the “Engine/GameDev Repo” and doesn’t need compiling but if you wish to compile your own please use the first link. If you have any feedback i would love to hear it, thanks for looking !

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