The FreeRPG Project is an idea to create a completely free and open-source RPG game, from game engine to all the assets included with the game. It will be made with the open-source and free Torque3D game engine and will include many free and open-source assets from places such as OpenGameArt, duion.com and 3TDStudios amongst many others.

The plan is to create an RPG that can be played, modded or even used as a base for another RPG entirely. For the 0.1 release i plan to have 7-10 worlds populated with buildings/props/plants/etc that are all linked together, once this is complete i will start work on implementing a combat system.

If you would like to contribute to the FreeRPG Project then please get in touch using the Contact Form available on this site or if you prefer, simply fork the FreeRPG-Project Gitlab Repo and create your own branch before getting started.